What readers are saying...

“Original and very compelling.”

“An intelligent and elegant strike against prejudice that doesn’t sacrifice readability in the name of issues.”

“Written from the soul with great dignity, charm and wit.”

“The characters are engaging and I still find myself thinking about them long after finishing.”

“This definitely rises above the pack of recent coming out stories and adds interesting new dimensions.”

“It should help to break down barriers in the struggle for acceptance, no matter how disillusioning it is to see that the battle still has to be fought. This is a great work.”

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I have just read the book for a second time and I dont think this will be the last. It is a fantastic book.

Through these stories Whatling shows the reality of “accepting” schools and friends. It is his hope that school administrators and teachers all over North America read and understand his point of view – that our schools, even “accepting” schools, are doing their LGBT students a disservice.

From my perspective – recognizing that I am neither a high school student nor gay – this is an important work. I feel that I hear the student’s voices. They ask only for acceptance and respect for who they are.

This is an excellent book. It should be in every school and municipal library, accessible to parents, students, and their teachers and administrators.

How much did I like it? My wife and I purchased it for our local PFLAG Chapter, even though we have my review copy at home. Highly recommended.